Abe Watson

Arts and Theatrical Consultant


Abe is a talented and extremely hard-working young performer with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed. 
Vocally, Abe is highly technically skilled and is singing a wide variety of musical styles. He is mature beyond his years and has already proven that he can hold his own among colleagues many years his senior.
I suspect that it will not be long before he graces the stages as a very successful and widely sought-after vocalist and music theatre performer.

Bee Townsend
Singer / Songwriter / Actress


I recently had the pleasure of working with Abe on the highly successful production of [title of show]. In all areas of production management Abe showed himself to be highly committed, organised and efficient.

As Production Manager, Abe exhibited highly developed interpersonal skills which enabled him to keep the cast on a tight productive workshop and rehearsal schedule. He liaised carefully and closely with the cast and production team to ensure that all concerned were fully aware of the intended outcomes for all rehearsals. He also showed that he has not only the skill of keeping all cast and crew on the same page but also a deep understanding of each individual involved. The latter skill allowed him to maintain a positive, collegiate rehearsal room at all times.

Abe's organisational skills are exemplary. All aspects of the production were handled with care, efficiency and meticulous planning. Venue liaison, marketing and technical liaison were all handled with aplomb and the minimum of fuss. Abe's careful, enthusiastic management of these areas was very influential in the great success of this show.

John Murray
Associate Director, [title of show]
drama coach, academy of creative arts (bendigo south east sc)

Abe is both friend and a highly skilled, dependable and accomplished performer.

In his role as Vice President of Bendigo Theatre Company Abe exhibits a comprehensive understanding of live theatre and models a high level of professionalism to all members of the community who walk through the doors. He is a good listener and communicator.

Most recently Abe and I worked together on [title of show]. Our cast and crew couldn’t ask for a more skilled Production Manager. From the outset [title of show] was highly organised. Abe managed or oversaw everything from sponsorship and fundraising, through to rehearsal scheduling, helping the crew to fulfil their responsibilities, front of house management, publicity and marketing - resulting in a sell out season.

As Stage Manager I was able to go to Abe with any question or concern knowing it would be answered or resolved very quickly. Most admirably, Abe is an exceptionally hard worker and a hands-on manager who won’t hesitate to dive in wherever help is required, whether that be hanging a light, designing a website or painting the stage floor. I look forward to following Abe’s career with interest.


What an absolute star! Not only was Abe a pleasure to deal with, we were incredibly grateful to have him on deck. Having held the show in the Town Hall for the last 3 years I can say hands down this way the most efficient (and enjoyable) experience we've had to date - I put this down to Abe and your staff.


Nothing was too much trouble, he was a great hand with setting up the hall for our event and actually played a great role in ensuring the running of the event went smoothly - chucking on a head set and being a part of our coordination team - which was awesome in a high pressure situation like our event! 


He is a credit to the City of Greater Bendigo events team. 


After several years of working with Abe, he is now the lighting designer and technician that I request when working with The Capital and Ulumbarra Theatres. Abe is someone who has an outstanding understanding of all aspects of theatre, as technician, designer and actor. It is this depth of understanding that has always put me at ease, as Abe ensures that he is clear on the brief and has considerable knowledge of both the client and the show in order to achieve the best results.
I have always found Abe to be highly motivated and professional, with a keen eye for detail. His creativity and passion for lighting design and his skill as a technician always results in an exceptional final product. Abe is considerate and supportive in his manner, always going above and beyond to work with you in producing a visually engaging show.

Lisa Darlow
Director, Catholic College Bendigo Productions / Drama Teacher

Abe was hard working and highly committed to his work, as well as talented within his design and technical understanding.
Abe has a great attitude towards working to time frames, to preciseness, and has an eye for detail. He is honest and considerate with the ability to see and understand things from others perspective.
His communication skills are very strong, with the ability to raise concerns and issues in a non threatening manner.
In addition Abe was a strong team leader.

Helen Morris
Production Manager / Theatre & Gallery Technician

I wanted to make a special recommendation about Abe Watson, who was the hired lighting technician during dress rehearsals. Abe proved a valuable asset to the success of the show through his clear and professional manner with staff and the students. Abe proved very friendly and accommodating. With understanding of my lack of knowledge of lighting rigs Abe was successful in explaining the basics and my specific requirements in a respectful and professional manner.
Abe was available for any questions to ensure that the venue was best maintained and I was comfortable with general operations. With his gestures of support and trust I felt safe in my new skills and greatly enjoyed the added experiences of lighting and sounds being added to my plays with great effect. Abe demonstrated quality care, knowledge and respect for this work and clearly has a great passion for the trade. I was greatly impressed by his high skills in customer service and appreciated his ability to put myself and the people around him at ease.

Abe Watson delivered again on exceptional customer service and understanding of what my show required with professionalism and ease. He has a calming effect on the arrangements and was flexible in finding and checking requested equipment was all ready to go. 

Alise Cumming
Principal, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy [Bendigo]

Photo Credit: David Field, Shooter Photos